First name [ V ]
Vaitiare_bandera Actress: Stargate Sg-1
Valentina_vargas Actress: Hellraiser Bloodline, Dirty Games
Valentine_demy Actress: Paprika, Dirty Love
Valeria_bruni-tedeschi Actress: Encore, A Casa
Valeria_golino 10/22/66 Italian Actress: Hot Shots, Escape From L.A
Valeria_marini Actress: Bambola, Im Brunnen Der Traeume
Valeria_mazza Supermodel
Valerie_allain Actress: Duo (Tv), El Avaro, Alouette, Je Te Plumerai
Valerie_bertinelli 04/23/1960 Actress: Night Sins, Sydney, Rockabye
Valerie_campbell Model/Naomi's Sister
Valerie_jay Actress: Baywatch
Valerie_lemercier French Actress: Sabrina, Quadrille
Valerie_leon 11/12/45 British Actress: Never Say Never Again, Carry On ..
Valerie_perrine 9/3/44 Actress: Rose, Boiling Point
Valerie_quennessen Actress: Summer Lovers, Conan The Barbarien
Valerie_simpson 8/26/46 Actress/Musician: Motown 40 - Ashford And Simpson
Valery_boisgel Actress: L'hotel De La Plage
Valleria_bertinelli 04/23/1960 Actress: Night Sins, Sydney, Rockabye
Vana_barba Greek Model
Vanessa_angel 11/10/63 Actress: Homicidal Impulse, Another Chance, How Stella got her groove back
Vanessa_baker Australian Olympican
Vanessa_demouy Actress: Models In Paradise, Model Academy
Vanessa_gravina 1974 Italian Actress: Italiani, Abbronatissimi 2
Vanessa_guedj French Actress: Grand Chemin, Frau Nach MaŠ
Vanessa_marcil 10/15/69 Actress: The Rock, General Hospital
Vanessa_redgrave1/30/37 British Actress: Little Odessa, Wilde
Vanessa_upton Model
Vanessa_williams3/18/63 Actress/Singer: Eraser, Ex Miss USA
Vanina_delannoy French Actress: Fille De D"artagnan, Jaune Revolver
Vanity 1/4/59 Actress/Singer: Action Jackson, 52 Pick-Up
Vanna_white 2/18/57 Actress/Tv Host: Looker, Double Dragon
Vendela_kirsenbaum 1/12/67 Swedish Supermodel/Actress: Batman & Robin, Larry Sanders Show
Venessa_taylor Actress: Femalien, Timeless Obsession
Venus_williamsTennis Player
Vera_zimmerman Brasilian Model
Vernette_tevaite Actress: The Bounty
Veronica_berlusconi Italian Former First Lady
Veronica_blume Spanish Actress/Model: Out of The Blue
Veronica_carlson 1945 British Actress: Freakshow, Black Easter
Veronica_cartwright 4/20/50 British Actress: Man Trouble, Valentino Returns
Veronica_doll Actress: House of Dreams
Veronica_feldbuschGerman TV-Hostess
Veronica_ferres 1965 German Actress: Das Superweib, Schtonk!, Rossini, Honigmond
Veronica_forqueActress: Kika, Madrid
Veronica_gamba10/28/63 Argentinian Actress: Night In Heaven, Smoky And The Bandit
Veronica_kanska Czech Actress
Veronica_lake 11/14/22 Actress: Saigon, Ramrod
Veronica_logan Italian Actress: Fatal Frames, A Spasso Nel Tempo
Veronica_lorenz Actress: Flinch, Born To Run
Veronica_webb 2/23/65 Supermodel/Actress: Malcolm X, Jungle Fever
Veronica_yipHong Kong Actress: Emotional Girl, Blue Valentine
Veronika_faber German Actress: Tapetenwechsel, Smaragd
Veronique_genest French Actress: Mit Den Clowns Kamen Die Traenen, Nana
Veronique_jannot French Actress: Crash, Notre Juliet
Verushka_von_lehndorff Verushka German Actress/Supermodel: Blowup, Milo-Milo
Vicki_frederick Actress: Chaplin, Scissors
Vicki_hodge Actress: Condfessions Of A Sex Machine
Vicki_michelle Supermodel
Vicky_jeffry Actress:the Naked Cell
Vicky_kagia Greek Model
Vicky_koulianou Greek Model
Vicky_morgan Notorious Mistress of AlfredBloomingdale
Vicky_smurfit Actress: Run Of The Country
Victoria_abril 7/4/57 Spanish Actress: Kika, Intruso
Victoria_adams Singer(Spice Girls: Posh Spice)
Victoria_belvedere Actress: Zoloto, Passaggio Per Il Paradiso
Victoria_jackson8/2/59 Actress: Uhf, Family Business
Victoria_mitchel Actress: Rent-A-Kid, Closer And Closer
Victoria_principal 1/3/45 Actress: Dallas, Naked Lie
Victoria_racimo Actress: High Velocity, Falcon Crest
Victoria_sellers Actress: Heaven (Daughter Of Peter Sellers)
Victoria_silverstedt Model/Playmate of The Year
Victoria_vetri 1944 Actress/Playmate: Chuka, The Pigeon
Vida_taylor Actress: Clash of The Titans
Viktor_lazlo 1961 French Actress: Boom Boom, Faussaires
Viola_nolan Actress: Teddy's Goat, Erotic Confessions
Violetta_sanchez Actress/Model: Avril Brise, Retour De Casanova
Virginia_bell Stripper/Actress: Bell, Bare And Beautiful
Virginia_hey Actress: Castaway, Signal One
Virginia_madsen9/11/1961 Actress: Ghost Of Mississippi, Highlander 2
Virginia_watsonActress: Virtuosity, Don't Be A Menace
Virginie_ledoyen 11/15/76 French Actress: Marianne, Mahjongg
Virna_anderson Italian Actress: Ecstasy, Malibu Spice -Sometimes Credited Barbarella
Vittoria_BelvedereActress: Zoloto, Passaggio Per Il Paradiso
Viveka_davis Actress: Curly Sue, Ricochet
Viveka_seldahl Swedish Actress: Jerusalem, Alfred
Vivian_hsu Musician
Vivian_schilling Actress/Writer: Soultaker, Savage Land
Vivian_wu1966 Shanghaian Actress:The Last Emperor(1987), The Joy Luck Club (1993), Woman Rose, Pillow Book
Viviana_natale Supermodel
Vivica A fox 30 July 1964, Actress: Independence Day (1996), Batman & Robin (1997),Why Do Fools Fall In Love (1998) "Getting Personal" (1998)TV, Thirty Wishes (2000)
Vivien Leigh 5 November 1913 Actress: Gone with the Wind (1939)
Vyninka_arlow Australian Olympian