First name [ L ]
Lada_DanceActress: movie:Milyj drug davno zabytykh let... (1996)
Lada_EdmundActress: Rape Squad (1974),"Banacek" (1972)
Laetitia_CastaFrench Supermodel, 5'7", movie: Astérix et Obélix contre César (1999)
Lagena_GreeneActress:There's Something About Mary (1998)
Laila_RobinsActress:True Crime (1999), Oxygen (1999), The Blood Oranges (1997),Female Perversions (1996)
Lainie_Kazan6/15/42 Actress:Bruno (1999), The Big Hit(1998), Safety Patrol (1998) (TV), The Associate, Eternity
Lalla_Ward6/28/51 Actress: Rosebud, Vampire Circus, More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS(1993), Riviera (1987) (TV), Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (1983)(TV)
Lana_ClarksonActress:Love in Paris (1997), Vice Girls (1996) .
Lana_Wood3/1/46 Actress:"Capitol" (1982), Satan's Mistress (1981), Captain America (1979/I) (TV)
Landon_HallActress:Batman and Robin (1949), Navajo Trail Raiders (1949), The Black Widow(1947)
Lanei_chapmanActress: Space Above and Beyond" (1995), White Men Can't Jump (1992)
Lani_O'gradyActress: An Eight Is Enough Wedding (1989), Kid with the Broken Halo, The (1982) (TV), Tv's Eight Is Enough
Lara_Flynn_BoyleActress: Happiness (1998), Since You've Been Gone (1998) (TV), Threesome (1994)
Lara_HarrisActress: Mercenary (1997) (TV), On Seventh Avenue (1995) (TV)
Lara_Joy_KörnerActress: ancherrow (1999) (TV), Wind der Hoffnung (1997) (TV), Hotel Mama
Lara_ManaActress: Libertarias (1996), Todo Falso, Manila
Lara_WendelActress: Villa del venerdì, La (1992)
Latoya_JacksonL.A. Is My Lady (1984) "The Jacksons" (1976 TV)
Laura_AlbertActess: Jawbreaker (1999) (stunts)Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998) (stunts)
Laura_AntonelliItalian Actress: Disperatamente Giulia" (1995) (TV), Malizia 2000 (1992)
Laura BaileyActress: Two Smoking Barrels (1999), Blackout, The (1997),Mirror Has Two Faces, The (1996)
Laura_BanksActress: Hexed (1993), Demon of Paradise (1987),Wheels of Fire (1984)
Laura_BraniganActress:Hexed (1993),Reporter, Demon of Paradise (1987), Wheels of Fire (1984)
Laura_Cover Model: Playboy's Playmate Pajama Party (1999) (V)
Laura_DernActress: October Sky (1999), A Perfect World (1993),Jurassic Park (1993)
Laura_FreddiActress:"Donna per amico, Una" (1998) (TV)
Laura_GemserIndonesian Actress/Costume Designer: Quest for the Mighty Sword (1990),Any Time, Any Play (1989)
Laura_HarrisActress: Habitat (1997)
Laura_HerringActress: Sunset Beach (1997)(TV), Exit to Eden (1994)
Laura_HudspethActress:Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure, The (1994)
Laura_Jane_Leary Actress:Under Wraps (1997) (TV)
Laura_Johnson8/1/57 Actress: Red Shoe Diaries 2: Double Dare, Fatal Instinct, Heartbeat (1992) (TV)
Laura_Ponte Supermodel/Actress: Urxa (1989)
Laura_San_Giacomo11/14/62 Actress: Just Shoot Me (1999)(TV), Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989), Pretty Woman (1990)
Dr. Laura_Schlessinger16 January 1947, Writer/Radio Shrink: Books--Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives, Why Do You Love Me?
Laura_TonkeGerman Actress: Winterschlaefer, Der Pirat, Angel Express (1999),Drachenland (1999)
Laura_WrightActress: Guiding Light (1978)(TV), City, The (1995) (TV) The City, Loving
Laure_MarsacActress: "Embarquement immédiat" (1999) (TV), Secret défense (1998)
Laure_Sinclair Supermodel
Lauren_HaysActress: Club Wild Side (1998) , Dangerous Invitation (1998), Life of a Gigolo (1998), Trance (1998/II), Raven (1997), Rebecca's Secret (1997)
Lauren_Holly28 October 1963,Actress:Turbulence (1997/I), Down Periscope (1996),Sabrina (1995),Dumb & Dumber (1994)
Lauren_Hutton17 November 1943 Actress: Paper Lion (1968),Caracara (1999), Loser Love (1999), 54 (1998),Fear, Malone
Laurence_MasliahActress:Une vie de prince (1999),Inconnu de Strasbourg, L' (1998), Échappée belle, L' (1996), Une femme française (1995)
Laurence_TreilActress: Entangled (1993)(1993) (France), Vouivre, La (1989)
Laurent_Morante French Tv Star
Laurie_GodetActress: Search and Destroy (1995)
Laurie_SimpsonActress: Robe de diamants, La (1994) (TV), Red Shoe Diaries
Laurie_WaltersActress: Warlock Moon, Harrad Summer, Columbo - Murder in Malibu (1990)(TV), Eight Is Enough Wedding, An (1989), Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story, The (1988) (TV)
Lauryn_HillSinger, Fuges, Actress/Model: Heavyweights, Made In Heaven
Lea_Thompson31 May 1961,Actress: "Caroline in the City" (1995)(TV), Back to the Future Part III (1990), II (1989), Back to the Future (1985), Jaws 3-D (1983), Howard The Duck
Lee_Ann_WomackActress: Country Singer
Lee_Anne_BeamenActress: Tainted Love (1995) (TV), Improper Conduct (1994)
Lee_GrantActress: Arriving Tuesday (1986), Trial Run (1984)
Lee_Meriwether27 May 1935, Actress: "All My Children" (1970),"New Andy Griffith Show, The" (1971), True Grit, Batman
Lee_Remick12/14/35-7/2/91 Actress: Dark Holidays, The Omen "Around the World in 80 Days" (1989/I), A Wonderful Life (1987) (TV)
Leeann_TweedenModel/Espn's Fitness Beach
Leesa_RowlandActress:Class of Nuke 'em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid (1995), Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II(1991)
Leeza_GibbonsActress/Host: RoboCop (1987), "Entertainment Tonight" (1981) TV Series
Leigh_HarrisActress: Passion Fish (1992)
Leigh_Taylor_YoungActress: Addams Family Reunion (1998), "Picket Fences" (1992), "Peyton Place" (1964) TV Series
Leilani_SarelleActress: Basic Instinct (1992), Days of Thunder (1990)
Leisa_SheridanActress/Model/Playmate: Red Sun Rising (1993)
Lela_Rochon17 April 1966, Actress: Knock Off (1998) , Why Do Fools Fall In Love (1998), Boomerang (1992)
Lena_HeadeyActress: Merlin (1998/II) (TV), MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday (1994) (TV) Jungle Book, Century
Lena_Nyman5/23/44 Swedish Actress: Svinet, Cheek To Cheek (1997) (TV), SOPOR (1981)
Lena_Olin22 March 1956, Swedish Actress: Mr. Jones (1993), Mystery Men (1999), Havanna, Hamilton
Lena_Stolze8/8/56 German Actress: Winterkind, Schlafes Bruder
Lene_NystromNorwegian Musician (Aqua) Singer
Lenore_ZannActress: Rent-A-Kid, Natural Enemy "X-Men" (1992), Change of Heart (1993)
Leonora_FaniActress: Peccati a Venezia (1980), Nene (1977)
Leontin_RuitersDutch Actress: Amsterdamned,Vrouwenvleugel, "Westzijde Posse" (1996)
Leslee_BremerActress: Another Chance (1989)
Lesley_Ann_Warren 8/16/46 Actress: Color Of Night, Life Stinks, Natural Enemy (1997) (TV)
Lesley_Ash19 February 1960 Actress: "Men Behaving Badly" (1992)
Lesley_LangleyActress, Miss World 1966
Lesley_ManvilleActress:Real Women (1998) (TV), Dance with a Stranger (1985), Secrets & Lies, The Firm
Lesley_VickerageActress: Roger Roger (1996) (TV) My Good Friend (1996) TV, Between the Lines (1992)
Lesley-Anne_DownActress: "Sunset Beach" (1997), "Dallas" (1978)
Leslie_Ann_PhillipsActress: Bordello of Blood (1996)
Leslie_Ann_WoodwardSupermodel/Actress:Michael (1996)
Leslie_AzzoulayActress: Travolta et moi (1993)
Leslie_Bega17 April 1967, Actress: Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990) (TV), American President, The (1995)
Leslie_CaronActress: Reef, The (1997),Great War, The" (1996)(TV), Ring, The (1996/I) (TV)
Leslie_EasterbrookActress: Police Academy
Leslie_garratBritish Musician
Leslie_glass11/13/48strip Search, Vagablonde
Leslie_graves9/29/59 Actress: Capitol, Piranha 2,
Leslie_hopeActress: First Degree, Men At Work
Leslie_horanActress: General Hospital, Social Sucide
Leslie_huntActres: Compromising Situation
Leslie_huntlyActress: Stewardess School, Naked Cage
Leslie_maltonGerman Actress: Blinde Leidenschaft, Ticket Nach Rom
Leslie_olivianActress: Damien's Seed
Leslie_sachsActress: Scorned. Running Mates
Leticia_roman1940 Italian Actress: Fanny Hill, Die Herren
Letitia_deanBritish Actress: Eastenders, Hello Girls
Letizia_racoItalian Actress: La Strana Storia Di Olga O.
Lexus_locklear3.5.76 Actress: Pleasureland, Style 2
Lia_boscoActress: Sole
Lia_williamsActress: Dirty Weekend, Different For Girls
Liane_fenwickAustralian Olynpian
Liane_forestieriGerman Actress: Sexy Lissy, Loosers
Lika_mcRussian Singer
Lili_st_cyr 6/3/18 Actress: Son Of Sindbad, I Mobster
Lili_taylor2/20/67 Actress: Ransom, Short Cuts
Lilian_müllerNorwegian Actress/Playmate: Frauenstation, Miracle On Ice
Lilian_ramosBrazilian Supermodel
Lilli_gruberItalian Television
Lily_myrhedVidjockey Mtv
Lina_perned 1973 Swedish Actress: Lithivm, Ha Ett Underbart Liv
Lina_romayActress: Faceless, Falo Crest
Linda_de_molDutch Showmaster
Linda_donaActress: Ricochet, Switch
Linda_doucettActress: The Larry Sanders Show
Linda_evangelistaSupermodel/Actress: Catwalk, Unzipped
Linda_evans11/18/42 Actress: Dynasty, Hunter, Dazzle
Linda_fiorentino3/9/60 Actress: Men In Black, Unforgettable, Gotcha
Linda_gambellActress: Popeye Doyle
Linda_gildersleeveActress: Cinderella, Beach Bunnies
Linda_gray9/12/40 Actress: Dallas, Oscar
Linda_guicciardoActres: Erotic Confessions
Linda_hamilton9/26/56 Actress: Terminator 1+2, Mr.Destiny
Linda_hayden1/19/53 Actress: Black Carrion, Madhouse
Linda_haynes1949 Actress: Brubaker, Rolling Thunder
Linda_hoffmanActress: Face Off, Babylon 5
Linda_kerridgeActress: Mixed Blood, Surf 2
Linda_kozlowski1958 Actress: Crocodile Dundee, Almost An Angel, Village Of The Damned
Linda_liuAsian Model
Linda_lovelace 1/10/49 Actress: Dep Throat, Passions Brulantes
Linda_marloweActress: Manifesto, The Swordsman
Linda_purl9/2/55 Actress: Under Cover, Natural Causes
Linda_ronstadt 7/15/46 Singer/Actress: Fm, Uncle Meat
Linda_sliwaGuardian Angel, Made Instruction Videos For Self Defence
Lindsay_freemanActress: Fairy Tales, Fyre
Lindsay_neilBritish Actress: Benny Hill Show
Lindsay_wagner6/22/49 Actress: Ricochet, Babies
Lindsey_dawn_mckenzieAdult Entertainer
Ling_tangAsian Supermodel
Linnea_quigley5/27/58 Actress: Vigin High, Innocent Blood
Lio Singer/Actress: Jalousie, Window Shopping
Lisa_b Actress: Almost Heroes, Serpent's Lair
Lisa_boyle Actress/model
Lisa_brownwyn_mooreActress: Hollow Point, Student Bodies
Lisa_de_vaulScream Queen
Lisa_delienScream Queen/Actress: Santa Claws
Lisa_eichhorn2/4/52 Actress: First Kid, Moon 44
Lisa_eilbacher5/5/57 Actress: Dazzle, Beverly Hills Cop
Lisa_gastoni7/28/35 Italian Actress: Scandalo, Amore Amaro
Lisa_hartman6/1/56 Singer/Actress: The Take, Dazzle,
Lisa_heughanCanadian Actress/Playmate: Death Wish 5
Lisa_howard11/24/63 Actress: Hardball, Replikator
Lisa_kreuzerGerman Actress: Automord, Fluchtpunkt Berlin
Lisa_kudrowActress: Friends (TV), Analyze This (1999)
Lisa_langloisActress: Mindfield, Hard Feelings
Lisa_leslie Los Angels Sparks
Lisa_lyonActress: Lady, Las Tres Coronas Del Marinero
Lisa_marie Actress: Mars Attacks, Frogs For Snakes
Lisa_marie_presleyActress/Elvis Presley's Daughter/Michael Jackson's ex
Lisa_marie_scott2/1/74 Actress: Glass Cage, Baywatch Nights
Lisa_mccuneAustralian Tv-Host: Blue Heelers
Lisa_nicole_carsonActress: Alley McBeal(1999)(TV)
Lisa_niemi1957 Actress: Steel Dawn, Slamdance
Lisa_orgoliniActress: Two Deaths, Stalin
Lisa_rains1962 British Actress: Fanny Hill, Blade Master
Lisa_raye9/23/67 Actress: Players Club
Lisa_rinna7/11/65 Actress: Melrose Place, Days Of Our Lives
Lisa_snowdenSupermodel/Actress: La Passione
Lisa_stahlActress: Baywatchnights, Jerry Maguire
Lisa_taylorActress: Lady In White, Windy City
Lisa_todd1954 Actress: Blood Kook, Woman Hunt
Lisa_welch11/11/60 Actress: Nightfire, Revenge Of The Nerds
Lisa_welti Actress: Don't Sleep Alone, Drawn To The Flame
Lisa_whelchel5/29/63 Actress: Twirl, Skyward
Lisa_wolfGerman Actress: Second Hand, Verschollen In Thailand
Lisa_zane1965 Actress: Babe Ruth, Femme Fatale
Lisbeth_hummelActress: La Bete, Bella E La Bestia
Lita_ford9/18/58 British Musician/Actress: Highway To Hell
Liv_lindelandNorwegian Actress: Guns, Picasso Trigger
Liv_taylor 7/1/77 Actress/ kid of Steven Taylar (Aerosmith's lead vocal): Stealing Beauty, That Thing You Do, Armageddon (1999)
Liv_ullman12/16/39 Norwegian Actress: Zorn, Oxen
Liz_weekesAustralian Olympian (Waterpolo)
Liza_greerActress: Angels Brigade
Liza_matthewsActress/Playmate: Hudson Hawk
Liza_minnelli3/12/46 Actress: Rent-A-Cop, Arthur
Liza_tarbuckActress: Chinema, Watching
Liza_walkerActress: Hackers, Century
Lizzy_warville Actress: 007-Moonraker
Locklin_lorynActress: Fortress, Filofax
Lois_forakerActress: Days Of Our Lives, Radio Flyer
Loise_germaineActress: Midnight Movie, Sharpe's Company
Lola_falana9/11/42 Actress: Mad About You, Lady Cocoa
Lolo_ferrariActress/Singer: Camping Cosmos
Lonette_mckee1954 Actress: Malcolm X, Dangerous Passion
Lora_zaneActress: Live Nude Girls, Men Don't Leave
Loredana_romito1/11/65 Italian Actress: Johnny Stecchino, Transformations
Loreto_valverdeSpanish Actress: Superagentes En Mallorca
Loretta_leeActress: Shang Hai Yi Jiu Er Ling
Lori_ghidiniActress: Le Castellane
Lori_jo_hendrixActress: Sunset Strip, Bikini Summer
Lori_loughlin 7/28/65 Actress: Full House, One Of Her Own
Lori_morrisseyActress: Virtual Encounters, Tender Loving Care
Lori_petty1664 Actress: Tank Girl, Bates Motel
Lori_singer5/6/62 Actress: Warlock, Footloose
Lori_wagnerActress: Uhf, Caligula, Dark Secrets - Miss Nude World
Lorissa_mccomasActress: Tiger Heart, Vamps
Lorna_maitlandActress: Mondo Topless, Lorna
Lorraine_michaels1/23/58 British Actress: B.O.R.N., Star 80
Lorraine_newman3/2/52 Actress: Perfect, Wholly Moses
Lotte_van_damDutch Actress: Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden
Louisa_moritz1946 Cubanian Actress: Hot Chili, Cuba
Louise_slaterActress: Dark Waters, Interview With The Vampire
Louise_sorel8/6/40 Actress: Widow, Airplane 2
Loulou_dela_falaiseFrench Fashion Legend
Luann_leeActress: Volcano, Beverly Hills Cop 2
Lucia_verissimoBrasilian Actress: Um Casal De 3
Luciana_paluzzi6/11/31 Italian Actress: Medusa, Black Gunn
Luciana_vendraminiBrazilian Actress: Rei Do Gado, Casamento Dos Trapalhoes
Lucille_ballActress: I LOVE LUCY
Lucretia_loveActress: The Arena, Sexorcist
Lucrezia_lante_della_rovereItalian Actress: Nessumo, Ardena
Lucy_alexia_liuActress: Ally McBeal (1999) (TV), Payback (1999), Jerry Mcguire
Lucy_lawless3/29/68 Actress: Xena Princess Warrior (1999)(TV), Peach
Lucy_speedActress: Eastenders, Impromptu
Ludmilla_mickaelFrench Actress: Noce Blanche, Archipellago
Luna_vachonWrestling Babe
Lydie_denier4/15/64 French Actress: Guardian Angel, Bulletproof
Lynda_carterActress: Wonder Woman(TV)
Lynda_day_george12/11/46 Actress: Racquet, Roots
Lynda_wiesmeier5/30/63 Actress: Preppies, Teen Wolf
Lynette_harris1954 Actress: Sorceress, I The Jury
Lynette_waldenActress: Benny And Joon, The Silencer
Lynn_hancock1959 Actress: Evilspeak
Lynn_herring11/22/58 Actress: General Hospital, Days Of Our Lives
Lynn_oddo Actress: Dead On, Hero
Lynn_redgrave3/8/43 British Actress: Shine, Midnight
Lynn_russellCNN NEWS
Lynn_whitfield5/6/53 Actress: Heartbeat, Mace
Lynne_frederick7/25/54-4/27/94 British Actress: Phase 4, Schizo
Lynne_milgramActress: Lady Avenger