First name [ D ]
Dagmar_kollerAustrian Actress: Der Gute Engel, Little Night Music
Daisy_fuentes11/17/66 Actress: Curdled, Daisy Fuentes
Dale_bozzio03/02/1955 Singer/Actress: Missing Persons(S), Lunch Wagon(A)
Daliah_lavi10/12/42 Israelian Actress: The Silencers, Casino Royale
Dalila_di'lazzaroItalian Actress: Blue Chill, Eugenio
Dana_barronActress: Jailbreakers, The Webbers, Beverly Hills 90210
Dana_behrActress: Los Angeles
Dana_delany3/13/56 Actress: Live Nude Girls, Housesitter
Dana_dvorin10/21/74 Israelian Model/Actress: Groupie
Dana_porisovaRussian Tv Star (Army Magazine)
Dana_vavrovaGerman Actress: Herbstmilch, Stalingrad
Dana_watersActress: Quicksilver Highway
Dana_wynter6/8/30 British Actress: Santee, Airport
D'andrea_bryantActress: Nothing But Trouble
Daneen_booneActress: Expose, Justine Part 5
Danelle_brisebois06/28/1969 Actress/Singer: Kill Crazy, Big Bad Mama 2, Days Of Our Lives
Danica_mckellarActress: Sidekicks, Moment Of Truth
Daniela_bianchiActress: From Russia With Love
Daniela_cardoneArgentinian Model
Daniela_dadieuGerman Actress: Stuermischer Sommer
Daniela_lunkewitzGerman Actress: Aff„ren, Nur Aus Liebe
Daniela_nardiniActress: Big Women, Reckless
Danielle_houseEx Miss Canada
Danielle_winnitsBrasilian Actress: Corpo Dourado
Danni_minogue10/20/71 Actress: Secrets, Home And Away
Danni_wheelerActress: Confessions Of A Sorority Girl
Dante_mccarthyActress: Forrest Gump, Showgirls
Daphne_deckersDutch Actress: All Stars, Tomorrow Never Dies
Daphne_zuniga10/28/63 Actress: Melrose Place, Spaceballs
Dara_tomanovichActress: Back In Business, Amnesia
Darcy_demossActress: Eden, Coldfire
Darcy_lapierFormer Wife Of Jean Claude Van Damme
Daria_halprinActress: Revolution, Jerusalem File
Daria_nicolodi6/19/50 Italian Actress: Opera, Tenebre
Darja_aslamovaRussian Writer/Journalist (Notes Of A Nasty Girl)
Darla_slavensActress: Married People, Single Sex, Silk Stalkings
Darlene_greyActress: Mondo Topless
Darlene_vogelActress: Pacific Blue, Ski School
Daryl_hannah12/19/60 Actress: Grumpier Old Men, Too Much, Real Blonde
Dawn_dunlap1962 Actress: Night Shift, Heartbreaker
Dawn_marieWrestling Babe
Dayle_haddon5/26/49 Canadian Actress: Cyborg, Fiesta
De-ahna_rayMiss Philipines 1975
Dean_smith_amberActress: Moon Zero Two, School For Sex
De'ann_powerActress: Hard Drive, Maximum Revenge
Deanna_lundActress: Elves, Obessed
Debbi_morgan9/20/50 Actress: Mandingo, Monkey Hustle
Debbi_roweMother Of Michael Jacksons Son
Debbie_dActress: Naked Horror
Debbie_dunning7/11/66 Actress: Dangerous Curves, Home Improvement
Debbie_dutchActress: Mind Twister, Protocol
Debbie_klinsmannAmerican Model And Wife Of German Soccer Player Jurgen Klinsmann
Debbie_linden+1997 Actress: Cowboys, Are You Being Served
Debbie_matenopoulosTv-Show Co-Host (The View)
Debbie_muggliActress/Bodybuilder: Nemesis 2, Nemesis 3
Debbie_reynoldsActress: Mother, In And Out
Debbie_rochon11/3/68 Actress: Hellblock 13, Santa Claws
Debby_bishopActress: Scrubbers, Blue Money
Debby_boone09/22/97 Actress/Singer: Sins Of The Past, (Daughter Of Pat Boone)
Debee_ashbyBritish Page 3 Girl/Actress: Stunners, Sexy Secrets Of The Sex Therapist
Debi_diamondActress: Sex, Steamy Windows, The Whore
Debi_mazar8/13/64 Actress: Barman Forever, Nowhere
Deboragh_pryorFormer Wife Of Richard Aka Debbie Maguire
Deborah_caprioglio05/03/1968 Italian Actress: Albergo Roma, Paprika
Deborah_corriganBritish Star In Comedian Show Sinderella.
Deborah_foreman10/12/65 Actress: The Experts, Real Genius
Deborah_geffnerActress: Exterminator, Star 80
Deborah_goodrichActress: Remote Control, Survival Game
Deborah_harry7/1/45 Singer/Actress: Hairspray, Satisfaction (Blondie)
Deborah_jo_fondrenActress: Spitfire
Deborah_kerr9/30/21 Scotish Actress: Casino Royale, The Innocents
Deborah_morehart7/3/62 Actress: The Initiation, Final Cut
Deborah_shelton11/21/52 Actress: Dallas, Desire
Deborah_ungerCanadian Actress: Breakaway, No Way Home
Deborah_watling1/2/48 British Actress: Alice, Take Me High
Debra_ann_miceliWrestling Babe 'madusa'
Debra_beattyActress: Dead Tides, Hollywood Dreams
Debra_blee1961 Actress:beach Fever, Sloane, Beach Girls
Debra_coleActress: The Hot Spot, House Of Blue Leaves
Debra_mcmichaelsActress: Return Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre : Wrestle Babe
Debra_paget8/19/33 Actress: The Indian Tomb, Tales Of Terror
Debra_tateSharon's Sister--Sharon was killed my Charlie Manson clan
Debra_winger5/17/55 Actress: An Officer And Gentleman, Made In Heaven
Debrah_farentino9/30/61 Actress: Earth 2, Bugsy, Malice
Debralee_scott4/2/53 Actress: Police Academy, American Graffiti
Dede_lindMost Popular Playmate Ever
Dee_henniganActress: Hope Floats, Night Game
Dee_smartActress: Love Until, Blackwater Trail
Dee_wallace12/14/48 Actress: Nevada, Illusion Infinity
Deidre_hall10/31/47 Actress: Our House, The Young And The Restless
Deirdre_morrowActress: Mirror Images, Carnal Crimes
Delia_sheppard1961 Danish Actress: Secret Games, Rocky 5
Delphine_forestActress: Mindbender, Hitlerjunge Salomon
Delphine_zentoutActress: 36 Fillette, Farinelli
Demetra_hamptonActress: Valentina, National Lampoon's Last Resort
Demi_moore11/11/62 Actress: Striptease, The Scarlett Letter
Denise_coward1955 Australian Actress: Sudden Death
Denise_crosby11/24/57 Actress: Star Trek Ng, Skin Deep
Denise_lewisBritish Sportswoman
Denise_richards2/17/72 Actress: Wild Things, Starship Troopers
Denise_van_outenActress/Model: The Big Breakfast
Denise_virieuxFrench Actress: Blutige Rache, Blutige Rache
Denise_zichGerman Actress: Spender
Dervla_kirvalaBritish Actress:
Desiree_becker1/14/65 German Actress: Boeses Blut, Die Klette
Desiree_nosbusch1/14/65 German Actress: Der Fan, Hitchhiker
Despina_pajanouGerman Actress: Gambit, Doppelter Einsatz
Devin_devasques6/25/63 Actress: Guns, Can't Buy Me Love
Dewi_sukarnoFormer First Lady Of Indonesia
DiamondAmerican Gladiator
Diamond_dollWrestling Babe
Diana_ross3/26/44 Singer/Actress: Mahogany, Out Of Darkness
Diane_franklinActress: Terror Vision, Summer Girl, Dallas
Diane_keaton1/5/46 Actress: The Godfather 1-3, First Wives Club
Diane_mcbain5/18/41 Actress: Spinout, Thunder Alley
Diane_sawyer12/22/45 Abc News Journalist
Divine_brownWhore Who Sucked Hugh Grants Cock And Was Arrested With Him
Dolly_parton1/19/46 Actress: 9 To 5, Beverly Hillbillies
Dominique_sanda3/11/48 French Actress: Joseph, Rosenemil
Dona_plato11/7/64 Actress: Prime Suspect, California Suite
Donatella_dirosaItalian Tv Star
Donna_derrico3/30/68 Actress: Baywatch, Baywatch Nights
Donna_dixon7/20/57 Actress: Nixon, Spies Like Us
Donna_reed1/27/21-1/14/86 Actress: Dallas, Pepe
Donna_riceInvolved In Sex Scandal That Brought Down Presidential Candidate Gary Hard
Donna_stratten2/28/60-8/14/80 Actress/Playmate: Skatetown Usa, Americathon
Dr_laura_schlessingerFamous Writer/Radio Shrink
Drew_barrymore2/22/75 Actress: E.T., Happily Ever After, Home Fries, Boys On The Side, Bad Girls
Dyan_cannon01/04/1937 Actress: Deathtrap, Caddyshack 2