First name [ C ]
Cachou French Actress: Model Academy, Coeurs Caraibes
Cadeo_fannyActress: Sons of Trinity
Caitlin_o'heaney8/16/53 Actress: Aenigma,Convicted
Cajsa_stina_akerstrom Swedish Musician
Cali_rand Supermodel
Cali_timmins Actress: Hard Evidence, Hostile Force
Calista_carradineActress: Absolute Force, Fugetive Rage
Calista_flockhart11/1164 Actress: Ally Mcbeal,Milk And Money, Midsummer Night Dreams
Callahan_eva_larue 12/27/66 Actress: Santa Barbara, All My Children
Cameron_candace 04/06/1976 Actress: Full House, Punchline
Cameron_diaz 8/30/72 Actress/Ex of Matt Dillon: The Last Supper, The Mask, There's Something About Marry
Camilla_martin Danish Model/Batminton Star
Camilla_soeberg 6/9/66 Denish Actress: Mouse Hunt, Manifesto
Camilla_vest Supermodel
Camille_donatacci Playmate/ Kelsey Grammer(Frasier)' Lover
Camille_japy French Actress: Metisse, Dames Galantes
Camille_keaton 1950 Actress: Raw Force, Concrete Jungle (Niece Of Buster Keaton)
Cammie_luske Famele Bodybuilder Known As The Strongest Woman On Earth
Candance_mckenzieActress: Pinocchio's Revenge
Candice_bergen05/09/1946 Actress: Mary & Tim, Gandhi, Murphy Brown
Candice_rialson1953 Actress: Pets, Stunts
Candy_barr Stripper/Actress: Smart Aleck (38-22-36)
Candy_clark6/20/1947 Actress: The Blob, Cool As Ice
Candy_samplesActress/Pornstar: The Elevator, Flesh Gordon
Candy_wilson Actress: The Sins Of Adam And Eve
Caprice_bourrett Supermodel
Caren_kaye 3/12/51 Actress: Poison Ivy, Teen Witch
Carey_lowell2/11/61 Actress: Love Affair, Me And Him
Cari_minster Actress: Live Nude Shakespeare
Carin_c_tietze German Actress: Alein Unter Frauen, Zwei Frauen
Carla_bruni 1968 Italian Model/Actress: Catwalk
Carla_duvalSpanish Model
Carla_gugino8/29/71 Actress: Snake Eyes, Michael
Carla_romanelliItalian Actress: The Lonely Lady, Steppenwolf
Carly_simon 6/25/45 Singer/Actress: Working Girl, Heartburn
Carmen_d'alessio Studio 54's Director of Promotion
Carmen_di_pietroActress: Hot Laps, Snack Bar Budapest
Carmen_du_sautoy Actress: Astronauts, Praying Mantis
Carmen_electra Tv Hostess/Actress: Loveline, Singled Out, Baywatch
Carmen_kass Supermodel
Carmen_miranda2/9/09-8/5/55 Actress: Doll Face, Scared Stiff
Carmen_russo10/3/59 Italian Actress: Amiche Mie, Patrick Vive Ancora
Carmen_sevilla 1930 Spanish Actress: Beatriz, El Apolitico
Carol_alt 12/1/60 Actress: Family Matter, Bye Bye Baby
Carol_bagdasarianActress: The Octagon, Strwberry Statement
Carol_baker Actress: Let's Get Lost: Daughter Of Chet Baker
Carol_channing 1/31/23 Actress/Singer: Skidoo, Paid In Full
Carol_clevelandBritish Actress: Life Of Brian, The Lotus Eaters
Carol_dodaActress: Never So Deep, Head
Carol_drinkwater Actress/Writer: Father, The Shout
Carol_ficatier 2/20/58 Actress/Playmate: Tempest, Playmates At Play
Carol_kane6/18/52 Actress: Flashback, Sunset Park
Carol_lynley 2/13/42 Twin Peaks, Blackout
Carol_shaya Actress: Silent Prey (Cop who posed for Playboy and was fired by NYPD)
Carol_smilie TV Host: TV Fame
Carol_vitale Daughter of Dick Vitale,Basketball player
Carol_wayne 1941-1/13/85 Actress: Surf 2,Heartbreakers
Carol_whiteBritish Actress: Body Rock, Nutcracker
Carola_tekla_wiedGerman Actress: Ich Heirate Eine Familie, Ich Klage An
Carole_hawkinsFormer Tv-Game Show Host
Carole_chauvet Actress: Spirale Di Nebbia, Brigarde Mondaine
Carole_laure1951 Canadian Actress/Singer: Stress, Asphalte
Carole_lombard 10/6/08-1/16/42 Actress: Bolero, Rumba
Carole_mallory 1941 Actress: Killer Elite, Brave New World
Carole_richert Actress: Cherokee, Night And The Moment
Carolina_pelerittiArgentine Model
Caroline_catz British Actress: Preston Front, The Guilty
Caroline_cellier French Actress: Poker, Didier
Caroline_cosseyActress: For Your Eyes Only
Caroline_kennedyJFK Clan
Caroline_key_johnsonActress: Showgirls, National Lapoons Favorite Deadly Sins
Caroline_milmoe Actress: Magic Toyshop, Without A Clue
Caroline_mortimer British Actress: Juggernaut, Amanti
Caroline_munro1/16/50 British Actress: To Die For, Faceless
Caroline_ohrner German Actress: Moral, Enigma Rosso
Caroline_park_chapman Supermodel
Caroline_paterson Actress: Cardiac Arrest, King Ralph
Caroline_tensen Actress: Bnn: K.R.S.T.M.S.
Carolyn_bessette Wife Of JFK Jr.
Carolyn_jonesActress: Nightbreed, Great Expectations
Carolyn_liu Actress: Hard Hunted, Fit To Kill
Carolyn_lowery British Actress: Armisteads Maupin's Tales Of The City
Carolyn_morales Hostess On The French Version of The Price Is Right!
Carolyn_murphyRunway Model
Carolyn_renee_smithActress: Executive Target, Broadcast Bombshells
Carrie_ann_inaba Actress: Showgirls
Carrie_fisher10/21/56 Actress: Loverboy, Star Wars, When Harry Met Sally
Carrie_genzel 9/18/71 Canadian Actress: Days Of Our Lives, All My Children
Carrie_o'tis9/28/68 Actress: Exit In Red, Wild Orchid
Carrie_snodgress10/27/46 Actress: Pale Rider, Murphy's Law
Carrie_stevens 5/1/69 Actress: Jane Street, Point Of Seduction
Carrie_westcott Actress/Playmate: Lover's Leap
Carrie_yazel Actress: Daeth Becomes Her
Carrie-anne_moss Canadian Actress: Flashfire, Matrix
Casey_dixonActress: Evil In The Woods
Cassandra_delaney Actress: Hurricane Smith, Fair Game
Cassandra_gavaActress: Last Man Standing, Condor
Cassandra_harris 12/28/91 Actress: For Your Eyes Only, Rough Cut
Cassandra_peterson 9/17/51 Actress: Balboa, Elvira Mistress Of The Dark
Cassia_kiss Portuguese Actress: Pantanal, Grande Arte
Cassidy_rae 7/6/76 Actress: Evolver, Lying Eyes
Cassie_yates 3/2/51 Actress: Osterman Weekend, Blue Bayou
Catharina_alinderSwedish Actress: Jim And The Pirates, False As Water
Catharine_burgessActress: Through The Looking Glas
Catherine_bach 3/1/54 Actress: Nicole, The Nutt House, Street Justice
Catherine_bailey Artist
Catherine_bellActress: Jag, Men Of War
Catherine_burns 9/24/45 Actress: Last Summer, Amelia Earheart
Catherine_deneuve10/22/43 French Actress: Les Voleurs, Indochine
Catherine_flemming German Actress: Cubra Libre, Um Die 30
Catherine_hayes Actress: First Turn-On
Catherine_hicks8/6/51 Actress: Turbulence, Souvenir
Catherine_holmanActress: Pale Horse, Wilderness
Catherine_keenerActress: Switch, The Real Blonde
Catherine_leprince French Actress: Baby Blues, Paulette
Catherine_malfitanoActres At La Opera
Catherine_mary_stewart4/22/59 Canadian Actress: The Sea Wolf, Dudes
Catherine_neilsonActress: Small Zones, The Trial
Catherine_oxenberg9/22/61 Actress: Acapulco H.E.A.T., Dynasty
Catherine_rivet 1958 French Actress: Emmanuelle The Joys Od A Woman
Catherine_ross Actress: Harlow
Catherine_serreFrench Actress: Moonraker, Je Vais Craquer
Catherine_spaak4/3/45 French Actress: Hotel, La Noia
Catherine_weberActress: To The Limit, Siren's Kiss
Catherine_wilkeningFrench Actress: La Crise, La Tribu
Catherine_zeta_jonesActress: ZORRO, the Entrapment (1999)
Cathleen_raymondActress: Seduce Me - Pamela Principle 2
Cathryn_deprune Actress: Crisscross, Terminal Velocity
Cathryn_harrison1960 British Actress: Thin Ice, Black Moon
Cathryn_hartt 1952 Actress: Flicks, Open House
Cathy_downes Actress: Monkey Grip, Buck House
Cathy_lee_crosby 12/2/44 Actress: The Player, Coach
Cathy_rigbyGymnast 8/23/?? Actress: Star 80, Beverly Hills Brats
Cathy_stuartActress: Wild Playgirls, Come Play with Me
Cathy_tyson6/12/65 British Actress: Mona Lisa, Priest
Catya_sassoon 9/68 Actress: Tuff Tuff, Secret Games
Cecile_nordeggGerman Actress: Faust, Toedliche Liebe
Cecile_pallas French Actress: Rewind, Triplex
Cecile_paoliFrench Actress: Near Misses, Kaspar Hauser
Cecilia_kunzGerman Actress: Unter Uns, First Love
Cecilia_peck Actress: Wall Street, Killing Zoe - Daughter of Gregory
Cecilie_thomsen Danish Actress: 007-Tomorrow Never Dies
CelesteActress/Pornstar: Borderline, Exposure
Celeste_weaverActress: The Rock
Celeste_yarnall 7/26/44 Actress: Ambition, Scorpico
Celia_imrie 7/15/52 British Actress: Frankenstein, Hospital!
Celine_bonnierActress: Caboose, Million Dollar Babies
Chai_lee Actress: Great Muppet Caper, Yellow Emanuelle
Chandra_north Supermodel
Chantal_contouriActress: Metal Skin, Snapshot
Chantal_de_freytasGerman Actress: Alles Wird Gut, Stadtgespraech
Charisma_carpenter 7/23/70 Actress: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel
Charisse_cyd Cyd Singer/Dancer Gene Kelly Aera
Charlie_dimmock British Tv-Host
Charlie_spradling Actress: Twin Peaks, The Blob
Charlotte_dodds Supermodel: Next Agency
Charlotte_gainsbourg7/22/71 French Actress: Cement Garden, Anna Oz
Charlotte_kemp 1/27/61 Actress/Playmate: Frankenhooker,Repossessed
Charlotte_lewis1968 British Actress: Men of War, Decoy
Charlotte_rampling2/5/45 British Actress: Angel Heart, Asphalt Tango
Charmaine_sinclairBritish Pornstar
Chase_masterson2/26/19?? Actress: Star Trek Ds9, Digital Man
Chasey_lainActress/Pornstar: Demon Knights, View Point
Chelo_alonso Actress: Gastone, Morgan The Pirate
Chelsea_field 1957 Actress: Royce, Flipper
Cher 5/20/46 Singer/Actress: The Player, Suspect, Witches of Eastwick
Cherie_caffaro 1945 Actress: Ginger, Savage Sisters
Cherie_currie 11/30/59 Actress/Singer: Rich Girl, Foxes - The Runnaways
Cherie_lunghi Actress: Silent Cries, Frankenstein
Cherie_michan Actress: Annie, Wrong Is Right
Cherilyn_sheaActress: Beverly Hills Cop 3, Silk N'sabotage
Cherlize_theron Actress/Model: 2 Days In The Valley, That Thing You Do!, Devil's Advocate, Mighty Jo
Cherry_knightActress: Teaserama
Cheryl_ann_wilson Actress: Days Of Our Lives, Capitol
Cheryl_bartel Actress: Austin Powers, Centerfold
Cheryl_campbell 5/22/49 British Actress: Chariots Of Fire, Greystroke
Cheryl_ladd7/12/51 Actress: Lisa, Poison Ivy
Cheryl_markowitz Actress: Pretty Baby
Cheryl_paris Actress: Sweet Justice, Rescue Me
Cheryl_smithActress: Independence Day, Cinderella
Cheryl_song Actress: Weekend Pass, Disco Godfather
Chesty_morgan Polnish Actress: Casanova, Deadly Weapons
Cheyenne_brando Daughter Of Marlon Brando
Chi_hsu Japanese Actress: Sex And Zen 2, Se Qing Nan Nu
Chiara_caselli French Actress: Nero, Fiorile
Chiara_mastroianni 5/28/72 Actress: Pret-A-Porter, Nowhere
Chiara_schorasGerman Actress: Alphateam
Chien_zhouAsian model
Ching_laura_blearsFemale Surf Pro
Chloe_sevigny 1975 Actress: Gummo, Palmetto
Chloe_webb1960 Actress: Twins, Love Affair
Chona_jasonActress: Sinful Intrigue, Erotic Confessions
Chris_evertTennis Player
Chris_xuxaBrasilian TV Host
Chrissy_schulzGerman Actress: Und Tschuess, Zwei Schwestern
Christa_miller 5/28/?? Actress: Stepfather 3, Drew Carey Show (TV)
Christa_speck Model
Christi_conaway Actress: Timecop, Doc Hollywood
Christiana_oliveira Actress: Pantanal, Corpo Dourado
Christiana_reali Actress: Monsieur Hire, Inconnu Dans La Maison
Christiane_krüger German Actress: Atemnot, Eine Frau Fer Gewisse Stunden
Christiane_paul1974 German Actress: Der Pirat, Ex
Christiane_schmidtmerActress: Fanny Hill, Ship of Fools
Christie_brinkley 02/02/1954 Model/Actress: National Lampoon's Vacation, Vegas Vacation
Christina_applegate 11/25/71 Actress: Streets, Married With Children
Christina_ferrareActress: Impossible Years, Double Life
Christina_hui Actress: 007 - Moonraker
Christina_jensen Christina Actress: Bimbos
Christina_leardini1/22/69 Actress: Dream Trap
Christina_lindberg 1950 Swedish Actress: Attentatet, Thriller
Christina_martinelli Italian Model - Sister Of Elsa
Christina_plate4/21/65 Actress: Florida Lady, Ich Will Leben
Christina_ricci02/12/80 Actress: Addams Family, Casper, No Vacancy
Christina_schollin 12/26/37 Swedish Actress: Garaget, Varuhuset
Christina_whitaker Actress: Yellow Pages, Midnight Cabaret
Christine_anuAustralian Singer
Christine_arteconaModel/Actress: Baywatch
Christine_barrault_marie 3/21/44 French Actress: Obsession, No Blame
Christine_boisson1957 French Actress: Radio Corbeau, Une Novelle Vie
Christine_chavalier Actress: Santa Claws, Red Lips
Christine_kaufmann 1/11/45 German Actress: The Wild Fifties, Out Of Rosenheim
Christine_lahti4/4/50 Actress: Running On Empty, Chicago Hope
Christine_onassis Was Wife Of Aristoteles Onassis
Christine_scharping (Daughter Of German Polititian, Rudolph Scharping)
Christine_schuberthGerman Actress: Kir Royal, Der Blaue Diamant
Christine_taylor Actress: The Wedding Singer, The Craft
Christiva_turner Actress: Arranged Marriage, Day Of The Warrior
Christy_canyon 6/17/66 Actress: I Dream Of Christy, It's My Body
Christy_carrera Actress/Playmate: Playboy's Voluptuous Vixens
Christy_thom9/8/71 Actress/Playmate: Best Of The Best 2, Meatballs 4
Christy_turlington1/2/69 Supermodel/Actress: Catwalk, Unzipped
Christy_yamaguchi7/12/71 Actress: Mighty Ducks 2
ChynaWrestle Babe
Chynna_phillips2/12/68 Singer/Actress: Caddyshack 2, Comeback
Cia_berg Actress/Singer: Lust
Ciara_hunter Actress: Mask Of Death, Dangerous Prey
Cibby_danyla Actress: They Live
Cindy_berger German Singer
Cindy_crawford2/20/66 Supermodel/Actress: Catwalk, Fair Game, The Secret of My Success
Cindy_hopkins Actress: Hollywood Babylon
Cindy_manion Actress: Preppies, Blow Out
Cindy_margolis Actress: Austin Powers International Man of Mystery
Cindy_morgan9/29/54 Actress: Galaxis, Falcon Crest
Cindy_pickett4/18/47 Actress: Son In Law, Wild Amerika, Deep Star Six Card
Cindy_silverActress: Hardbodies, Gimme an F
Cinzia_roccaforteItalian Actress: Chiavi In Mano, Fermo Posta Tinto Brass
clair_forlaniActress: Mallrats, Bazil
Claire_bloom 2/15/31 British Actress: Daylight, Queenie
Claire_danes 4/12/79 Actress: Les Miserables, U-Turn
Claire_davenportBritish Actress: Jubilee, Casanova
Claire_grogan Actress: Red Dwarf, Gregory's Girl
Claire_keimFrench Actress: Barracuda, Belle Verte
Claire_nebout French Actress: Le Bossu, Spirale
Claire_rankinActress: Escape Clause, Death Wish 5
Claire_stansfield Actress: The Doors, Drop Zone
Clara_bow 07/29/1905-09/26/1965 Actress: Hoopla, Kick In, Call Her Savage
Clare_holman Actress: Close Relations, The Rainbow
Clare_powney1963 British Actress: The Girl, Operation Julie
Claude_jadeActress: Topaz, Tegeran-43
Claudia_abreu Actress: Ed Mort, Four Days In September
Claudia_cardinale4/15/39 Italian Actress: Mayrig, Nostromo
Claudia_christian 8/10/65 Actress: Babylon 5, Arena, Mad About You
Claudia_demarmels German Actress: Florida Lady, Tapetenwechsel
Claudia_karvanAustralian Actress: Flynn, High Tide
Claudia_koll Italian Actress: Cosi Fan Tutte, Miracolo Italiano
Claudia_masonRunway Model
Claudia_michelsen German Actress: Todesspiel, Hollister
Claudia_neuman German Musician Pop Group '4 Unique'
Claudia_ohana 1962 Brasilian Actress: Priceless Beauty, Erendira
Claudia_pandolfi Italian Actress: Ovosodo, Amico Mio
Claudia_rieschel German Actress: Rollentausch, Immenhof
Claudia_scarpatetti German Actress: Das Amt, Verbotene Liebe
Claudia_schifferSupermodel/Actress: Catwalk, Richie Rich
Claudia_schmutzlerGerman Actress: Go Trabbi Go 1+2
Claudia_soltiActress: Immortal Beloved
Claudia_udy 3/18/60 Actress: Funny Farm, Nightforce
Claudia_wenzelGerman Actress: Traumnummer, Unser Lehrer Doktor Specht
Claudia_wilbourn A Pioneer Of Women's Bodybuilding.
Claudine_auger Actres: Thunderball
Claudine_beccarie French Actress: Inhibition, Exhibition
Claudine_wildeGerman Actress: Toedliche Wende
Clelia_sarto German Actress: Lindenstrasse
Clémentine_célariéFrench Actress: Toxic Affair, Adrenaline
Cleo_kretschmerGerman Actress: Amore, Der Allerletzte
Clio_goldsmith 6/16/57 French Actress: Miss Right, Plein Sud
Cloris_leachman 4/30/26 Actress: Beverly Hillbillis, Texasville
Clothilde_courau French Actress: Fred, The Pickle
Colette_o'connell Actress: Border To Border, Hourglass
Colleen_camp 1953 Actress: Speed 2, Die Hard With A Venegance
Colleen_farringtonTv Show: The Big Payoff
Colleen_mcdermott Actress: Access Denied, Dementia
Concha_velasco 1939 Spanish Actress: Ernesto, Esquilache
Connie_booth British Actress: Fawlty Towwers, High Spirits, Monty Python And The Holy Grail
Connie_brighton 5/14/59 Actress/Playmate: Smokey And The Bandit
Connie_kreskiActress: Aspen, The Black Bird
Connie_nelson Actress: Late Bloomers, Caged Fear
Connie_nielsen Actress: Soldier, Rushmore
Connie_sellecca5/25/55 Actress: Hotel, Surrogate
Connie_stevens 8/8/38 Actress: Grease 2, Scorchy
Consuela_chapmanActress: The Music Lovers
Consuela_de_haviland French Actress: Traumbus, Sweet Revenge
Coralie_seyrigFrench Actress: Outremer, La Pagaille
Corinna_drewsGerman Actress: Kir Royal
Corinna_everson Ballistic, Felony, Natural Born Killers
Corinna_harfouch1954 Grman Actress: Irren Ist Maennlich, Die Wand
Corinna_harney Actress: Vampirella
Corinna_schumacher(Wife Of Michael Schumacher, F1 Double World Champion)
Corinna_tsopei Greek Actress/Miss Universe 1964: A Man Called Horse
Corinne_alphen Actress: Screwball Hotel
Corinne_bohrer1959 Actress: Top Of The Hill, Double Rush, Police Academy 4
Corinne_clery 03/23/50 Italian Actress: Dangerous Obsession, Forever
Corinne_touzetFrench Actress: Jewels, La Rumba
Cornelia_corba German Actress: Tatort, Goldjunge
Cornelia_guest Actress: Second Sight And One Of Stallones Girl Friends
Cornelia_köndgenGerman Actress: Etwas Am Herzen, Feuerwerk
Cornelia_sharpe 10/3/47 Actress: Venom, Cover Girls
Corrine_charbyFrench Actres: Un Ete D'enfer
Corrinne_russellActress: Clem, Highlander
Cosma_shiva_hagen German Actress: Der Laden, Love Scenes From Planet Earth
Countess_vladimira TV Host
Courtney_cox 6/15/64 Actress: Friends, Cocoon, Scream
Courtney_love7/9/64 Actress/Singer/the Bandleader of Nirvana's widow: Life, Tapeheads
Courtney_taylor Actress: Cover Me, Companion
Courtney_thorne-smith 11/8/67 Actress: Melrose Place (TV), Side Out, Alley McBeal (TV)
Cristi_harrisActress: Rescue Me, Night Of The Demons 2
Cristina_giani Italian Model/Tv Star
Cristina_marsillach9/30/63 Spanish Actress: Opera, Barroco
Cristina_quaranta Italian Television Star
Cristina_raines2/28/52 Actress: Flamingo Road, Generation
Cristina_sanchez-pascual Spanish Actress: Grog, Entre Tinieblas
Cristina_soledo Alleged Lover Of Argentinian President Carlos Menem
Crystal_bernard 09/30/1961 Actress: Wings (TV), Highschool USA, Happy Days
Crystele_st.augustin Supermodel
Cybill_shepherd2/18/50 Actress/Singer: Alice, Seduced
Cynda_williams Actress: The Sweeper, Killing Box
Cynthia_brimhall03/10/1964 Actress: Guns, Picasso Trigger
Cynthia_dale 1961 Canadian Actress: Moonstruck, Heavenly Bodies
Cynthia_gibb 12/14/63 Actress: Deadly Games, Gypsy, Malone
Cynthia_myers Actress/Playmate: Molly And Lawless John, Hollywood Vixens
Cynthia_rothrock 3/8/57 Actress: Lady Dragon, Tiger Claws
Cynthia_stevenson 8/2763 Canadian Actress: The Player, Forget Paris